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HELP US!!!  (to help others)

Our whole business is based on the concept of creating less wasteful weddings.  Just think how many weddings there are in the UK every day, each with their own room, table and chair styling.  And what exactly do you do with 10 of this and 7 of that?!   Get it on ebay, or Preloved or Gumtree, share it with your friends.  Reuse it, recycle it but don't let it sit in your spare room.  Drop us an email as we collect unwanted wedding decor in the hope that one of our future brides could benefit.  It's how we can offer some items at very low cost.  We lovingly adopt peoples waste and hope that someone somewhere will benefit. 

If you are planning to advertise your second hand wedding stuff then send us the pics and prices too.  We may be looking for a deal on the items you have and could save you the hassle of Buy and Sell sites.

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