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You've spent hours planning your wedding , arranging all the suppliers, written lists and lists of lists.  But you're still not convinced it will all come together! We can help you!  As a self proclaimed perfectionist I will make sure your day looks and runs as you have planned.  We have various scales of help on offer in addition to the decor we can offer.  Not a wedding planner (I can recommend a wedding planner if you need one), more of a wedding 'assistant' offering help where help is needed, taking the pressure off you and your loved ones and enabling you all to relax and enjoy your wedding with full confidence that everything will be taken care of for you.    

Not sure if you need us or not?  Here is a list of examples of  wedding jobs that you may need/want assistance with:

Arranging tables and chairs

Laying tables with table centres and place cards according to table plan

Decorating your venue with your own decorations

Being on hand on the day to keep your day moving smoothly and running on time as you have planned

Being one named central point of contact on the day for you, your guests and your suppliers

Prices for wedding help will depend on the location of the venue and list of jobs required so get in touch for a chat if you think you need help.

Still looking for suppliers?  Well, you can take a look at 'Our Loves'.  These are suppliers we have come across and either loved their work or thought they were blinkin' nice people.  No idea what costs to expect but we just like 'em and think you might too. 

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