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Hi  I'm Flo.  My real name is 'Claire 'but my nickname is 'Flo'.  You can call me either :)  Welcome to my website and my story.


When I got married, I made myself a challenge to create a unique, personal wedding and I wanted to do it on a tight budget.  I spent all my spare time gathering  ideas and developing our rustic festival themed wedding at Rosedew Farm, Llantwit Major in 2012.


After our wedding it was easy to reflect and realise how long it all took to make, how much loving time had been spent creating our big day but, what to do with it all afterwards??!!  It made me realise that hundreds of brides and grooms out there would be doing the same tasks, using new materials, spending hours creating similar things, spending money buying similar things.  And what would they all do with it afterwards?!  And so, my concept was born.  We wanted to focus on creating less wasteful weddings.  Less money, time and resources wasted through encouraging recycling and reusing.  Our main strategy is that we hire items at low cost to encourage recycling rather than buying new.

We started small and we're still small.  We have built stock gently over the last few years by purchasing second hand items, accepting items from couples who no longer want them (and just need their house space back!!) and we also make and recycle stock items too.  We still love to be creative and so take on new ideas from customers but mostly use recycled items to create them.  We have a small workshop in Llantwit Major where you can come and meet me, you can see what we have that may be of use to you and we can generally sit and chat weddings.  Our business is a kind one.  We genuinely want to do whatever we can to make your wedding day perfect.  We have an ethical approach making sure that prices are fair (most people say 'cheap'!!!)  and there is  no price hike just for mentioning the word 'wedding'.


Have a browse through our website and see what we have to offer.  You may find something you need, want or like.


I love what we do and especially what we stand for.  I hope you do too.     


Flo x

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